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Objective / iris in its focus unit:

The objective combines a high working distance and high numerical aperture. The objective is corrected for infinity. A list of available objectives is given in the following table. The basic module comes only with a 10x magnification.

magnification working distance numerical aperture
34 mm
33.5 mm
20.0 mm

Trough supplied by R&K GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Due to peculiarities of imaging under an oblique angle of incidence, a minimum working distance is required since the objective should not touch the sample and the beam should not be chopped off by the objective.
Among other issues this is thoroughly addressed in the following publication: "Description of a single modular optical setup for ellipsometry, surface plasmons, waveguide modes, and their imaging techniques including Brewster angle microscopy"
H.Harke, R. Teppner, O.Schulz, H.Orendi, H. Motschmann,
download PDF Rev.Sci.Instrum. 68(8) August 1997

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