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The Multiskop:

The Multiskop is a powerful and versatile optical setup which incorporates in a single instrument:

  • Ellipsometry
  • Surface Plasmon Spectroscopy (SPS)
  • Waveguide modes
  • Brewster Angle Microscopy (BAM)
  • Imaging Ellipsometry
  • SPS Microscopy
  • Contact Angle Modul

Up until now, different expensive set-ups have been used for each of the above mentioned techniques. The fact that each requires similar components lead Optrel to the concept of the Multiskop - a single, truly modular system which combines all techniques for a price of a commercially available single system. The modular design enable many different configuration. Any version of the Multiskop can be upgraded at a later stage to the full version!

The basic concept of the system is discussed in:
"Description of a single modular optical setup for ellipsometry, surface plasmons, waveguide modes, and their imaging techniques including Brewster angle microscopy"
H.Harke, R. Teppner, O.Schulz, H.Orendi, H. Motschmann,
download PDF Rev.Sci.Instrum. 68(8) August 1997

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