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Company information:

Optrel GBR was founded in 1995 by Dr. Horst Orendi and Dr. Hubert Motschmann. The company is located and registered in Bavaria/Germany, and focuses on the design of instrumentation that is commonly used for the investigation of interfaces and thin films. The company is run by scientist with a long experience in the field of Optics, Polymer and Colloid and Interface Science. This background may help to understand your research. Quite often we are able to provide valuable input for the design or the interpretation of your experiments. Optrel GbR believes in good communication and long-term relationships with our customers. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly at optrel@t-online.de. We are also able to design custom made solutions in hard- and software.

Sales philosophy:

In Europe and America Optrel GbR does not have exclusive distributor. Instead we prefer to deal directly with our customers. This builds a better relationship and moreover it saves you money! We do not invest in fancy glossy brochure and expensive advertisement. Keep in mind all this overhead is financed by the customers! We rather spent this in the development of our products being convinced that satisfied customers are the best advertisement.
We have customers in over 25 countries in all inhabited continents of our planet. Some countries, like Japan, China and Korea do require an import agent. We have built up a network of reliable import agents in these countries, so we can arrange importation for you.

201, Nagwon Officetel #39-2, Donui-Dong,
Jongro-Gu Seoul 110-807, Korea
Fax: 82-2-741-2997 e-mail: jbsint@korea.com

Higashimikuni 4-11-4(shin-osaka-buid)
Yodogawa-Ku Osaka 532-0002, JAPAN
FAX 81-6-6394-9451
e-mail : hybrid-fujita@nifty.com

Beijing Oplan Science and Technology Development Co., ltd.
Rm.205/207, Block A of Jingjiang Office building. #35, Bagounan Road.
Haidian Dist., Beijing 100089, China.
Fax : +86-10-62612809
E-mail: oplan@263.net
Web: www.oplanchina.com

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