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Optrel GBR received the Technology transfer prize of the state of Brandenburg for the development of a optical microscopy with a resolution better than the diffraction limit. In optics, the resolution of a microscopic image is limited by the phenomenon of diffraction. Simply speaking, the wave nature of light imposes an upper resolution limit which is on the order of the wavelength of the light. Object such as nanoparticles with a diameter of 20 nm cannot be resolved in conventional optical microscopy. This has been overcome in this patented development.

Optrel GbR was nominee of the Innovation prize of the states Brandenburg-Berlin for the development of the Bubble and drop analyser. This device measures the complex dilatational modulus of aqueous surfactant solution in an extended frequency range up to 1000 Hz. Competing technology such as oscillating drop technique is limited to about 1 Hz. The extension in the mid-frequency range is crucial for studying soluble surfactant system as the surfactant exchange dynamics occurs in this time window. The technology is important for understanding foams, emulsions, coating processes and microfluidics.

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